Unbeatable résumés: America's top recruiter reveals what really gets you hired

Whether you've been on the job hunt for a day, a year, or more, you already know that there are countless résumé "experts" out there. So why is only one of them--Tony Beshara--a regular guest on Dr. Phil? Once you dig into Tony's résumé book, you'll understand why. Unbeatable Résumés is first and foremost a treasury of great résumé tips. In this upbeat and incredibly practical book, Tony presents and critiques hundreds of examples from sample résumés. He demonstrates specific, powerful techniques and attention-grabbing language, and shows how to stay honest and yet put the most positive spin on liabilities like employment gaps and job-hopping. Tony doesn't stop there. After showing you how to create your killer résumé, he tells you what to do with it, including: How to identify every possible networking contact. Whom to call, how often, and what to say. How to complement your résumé with the only kind of cover letter you should ever use. How to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and other online resources. How to make your candidacy stand out in even the most crowded job markets. And much more Just as he does on television, Tony brings to this book his incredible wealth of experience--not just as a résumé pro but also as one of America's most tenacious and successful recruiters. While most résumé services just do résumés only, Tony Beshara has personally placed close to 9,000 professionals in great jobs in every conceivable field. And don't forget his unparalleled access to executives, managers, supervisors, HR professionals, and the other people who hold the keys to your career success--including the more than 3,000 hiring authorities he has surveyed to reveal what really gets résumés read, interviews granted --and jobs offered.