Victims Who Victimize: a Multifactorial Model of the PTSD/ IPV Link in OEF/OIF Veterans

Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are more prone to perpetrating intimate partner violence (IPV) than are males in the general community or veterans not suffering from PTSD. However, there is little research on the PTSD-IPV link (IPV) among younger OEF/OIF veterans and on the factors that drive this association in general. PTSD may lead to increased risk for IPV through its impact on emotional intimacy. To test the hypothesis that emotional intimacy mediates the PTSD/IPV link, a sample of 110 male participants was recruited from the VAMC in Northport, NY. PTSD, IPV, and relationship functioning were assessed via a battery of standardized instruments. Results supported the hypothesis that poor emotional intimacy mediates the association between PTSD and IPV perpetration.